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Aguna Trading


Aguna Trading House

HIgh-quality Aguna wines have won renown in many countries around the world. Our products are regularly shipped tp Europe, China, and the CIS.
In countries where online sale of alcohol is not legally restricted, our products can also be purchased via our website.
For those interested in collaborating with the brand, our products are usually delivered in pallets (600 bottles each) on EXW/FCA terms.
For more details please contact us via e-mail export@agunawine.g, or phone +372 5064126
Aguna Trading House – 11 wine varieties, and more.

Aguna Trading House – 11 wine varieties, and more.

  • 6 red wine varieties
  • 4 white wine varieties
  • 1 rosé variety

Aguna offers a wide selection of classic Georgian wines, except Khvanchkara.

  • All of our wines are produced from high-quality grapes which have been fermented in a temperature-controlled environment with the use of the best of yeast strains. We then transfer the wine into oak barrels and leave it to age for 3 years, allowing for a more complex and rich bouquet.
  • Made from Saperavi grapes, Mukuzani is considered to be one of the best dry Georgian wines. It has received significant international acclaim, including 9 gold, 2 silver, and 3 bronze medals won in international wine competitions.
  • Saperavi is a full-bodied wine with a unique bouquet, balanced flavour, and bold tasting notes. First introduced in 1886, this wine has won a number of international awards, including one gold and one silver medal.

 As a part of our brand, we are also planning to introduce stronger liquors such as cognac and chacha. Sparkling wine could be included, too.

Aguna Trading House is a company specialising in domestic and export sale of home-produced wines on EXW/FCA terms (before the loading of the product onto buyer’s vehicle).

Minimum order quantity is 600 bottles (1 pallet) One truck with a maximum load capacity of 21 tonnes can carry up to 26 pallets (15,600 bottles x 0.75L each) For collaboration inquiries, please contact us.