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Map of wine-growing regions of Georgia.

Aguna’s main priority being excellent product quality, we carefully evaluate the place’s soil quality before planting our grapevines. No toxic pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilisers are used in the process of winegrowing. Harvesting only starts when grapes have reached the phenolic ripeness stage, and is done manually with the use of special boxes making for a safe and durable storage space.

Aguna Winery is located in Kakheti, the cradle of Georgian winemaking where only the most advanced of equipment is used.

Currently Aguna owns over 15 hectares of vineyards located in unique areas known for their winegrowing and winemaking traditions. Around 12 ha of Saperavi vineyards are located near the village of Akhasheni, while River Alazani of Inner Kakheti houses both 2 ha of Saperavi and 1 ha of Kisi vineyards.

In line with Kakheti’s unique winemaking traditions, our wines are produced using traditional Georgian vessels known as Kvevri which are currently stored in the company’s original wine cellar built over 100 years ago. For European-style wines we use special Italian-made equipment.

Aguna also has its own wine factory where the best of grapes are selected for future use. Overseeing the process is Gaga Buishvili, Ph.D. and expert in winemaking technologies, whose main responsibilities are to evaluate the quality of each lot and put them into respective categories. From grape harvesting to wine bottling, our product is created in adherence to the strictest standards of winemaking, including both technical and chemical control.