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Georgian Wine Production Plant (Factory) AGUNA Limited Liability Company, in Georgian: SezRuduli Pasuxismgeblobis Sazogadoeba “Aguna” is registered in the territory of the Republic of Georgia No. 200/0003-SHPS / Identification number: 204487082 (No.07159). Legal address: Tbilisi, Tabukashvili str. 19, Georgia
Production facilities are concentrated directly in Marani Gurjaani. The winery’s products are high-quality dry and semi-sweet Georgian wines produced from Kakheti grape varieties according to the traditional technological scheme without the addition of additional coloring substances, substances to accelerate fermentation or alcohol.
We plan to launch the production of strong positions: cognac, chacha. Sparkling wine is possible. Also, the Aguna trading house offers the possibility of wine production in ancient premises in the Kakhetian way in Kvevri.

We produce several collections for different markets:
1. The “Collector’s” wine class is an aged exclusive wine, for the middle and higher class of consumers, as well as for restaurants and hotels. Recommended retail price per unit of production from MRP $30.
2. Premium wine class – aged wine for middle-class consumers, also for restaurants and hotels. The recommended retail price per unit of production is from MRP $8 to $16.
3. The Standard wine class is a wine made of high-quality material designed for a wide range of consumers. The recommended retail price is up to MRP $8. The “Standard” wine class implies the creation of a separate trademark.

Due to the introduction of modern management at all stages in the Aguna trading house, strict control of the entire production cycle and the distribution chain of finished products. In order to reduce the risks associated with oversupply of raw materials, the plant can also process wine materials. This also applies to those grape varieties that are not currently cultivated in Georgia, but they have a significant need for it.
The quality is monitored by specialists under the supervision of a well-known winemaker, a permanent member of the Academy of Viticulture, Doctor of Technical Sciences Gaga Buishvili.