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In 1882, four brothers of the Naneishvili family – Georgy, Zachariah, Egor, and Pachiya – came together to build a magnificent wine cellar in Gurjaani, Kakheti. The name of the company is a nod to Aguna, a Georgian god of grape harvest, winemaking, and wine. Under Aguna’s patronage, the company has been producing wine for over 100 years now, with 100 to 150 tonnes of wine produced each year. In the family’s cellar, traditional Georgian earthenware vessels can still be found to this day.

Apart from 20 vessels which together house more than 600 litres of excellent Georgian wine, Aguna Trading House also boasts a number of traditional vineyards. Covering an area of more than 15 hectares, all vineyards are located in unique areas known for their winegrowing and winemaking traditions. Around 12 ha of Saperavi vineyards are located near the village of Akhasheni, while River Alazani of Inner Kakheti houses both 2 ha of Saperavi and 1 ha of Kisi vineyards.